How To Choose The Right Hair Product For Your Type Of Hair

How To Choose The Right Hair Product For Your Type Of Hair

It’s usually the final flourish of a man’s morning grooming routine: that swift application of your hair product before you head out to face the day. And all too often, it can be something of an afterthought - a cursory tussle to ensure everything is neatly in place before dashing for the front door. Understandably so, few of us have ample time for endless preening in the bathroom mirror. But all too often men can fall into the trap of using the same tried and tested hair products for years, forgetting that hair changes over time. Its consistency can change, likewise its strength and ability to “hold” product. So which kind of hair styling treatment should you opt for?

Let’s start with the trickiest of hair types: thinning hair. All too often men seek to make up for a lack of body on top by scraping the hair across thinning areas using gel, but this doesn’t lend a natural look and actually works to weigh the hair down and give less body and life. This is where Truefitt & Hill’s Euchrisma Clay comes in. Our specially formulated mixture works to provide a fuller feel to thinning and short hair, with a light but substantial consistency and a matte finish.

And if you are partial to a debonair, slicked-back aesthetic that recalls the matinee idols of the 20th century? For that we recommend our Brillantine Pomade, a product that has been formulated to provide a strong, robust hold and create a glossy, wet-look finish. It’s a sharper, more structured approach to hair care, and one that works extremely well in reining in thicker, fuller hair. It’s also an aesthetic that works elegantly for evening formality; simply pair with a cleanly shaven jaw line and your favourite Truefitt & Hill cologne.

If you are one of those fellows who have thicker hair, you’ll know that while your lustrous locks are the envy of those with less up top, thick hair comes with its own problems too - it doesn’t hold as well and can easily look unkempt. For that, our Mellifore Fibre comes into its own - the product has been formulated to keep even the thickest and most unruly hair in place, and the special formula helps keep the hair moisturised - dry hair being a byproduct in this instance. 

And if you’re in need of helpful all-rounders, particularly if your working week is travel heavy and spent in many a European airport lounge zipping between meetings, we have two products to suit such demands. One of which - the Freshman Friction - is actually based on one of the first blends concocted by William Francis Truefitt in 1805 to spritz on gentleman’s hair. This bathroom cabinet saviour adds a light, citrus scent and touch of texture to hair, without being heavy. Similarly, our Julep Paste provides easy hold for all types of hair, with the added bonus of a fresh, citrusy aroma to keep you going about your day with vim and vigour. 

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