How To Style Longer Hair While In Lockdown

How To Style Longer Hair While In Lockdown

There is no doubt that our lives have recently changed beyond any recognition and personal grooming is just one of the aspects of our everyday reality, which is taking something of a hit, as we stay at home amidst the UK coronavirus lockdown. And while we all know that maintaining a daily routine is absolutely essential for our general wellbeing and that it is fortifying while working from home in these uncertain times to make sure we face the day, well groomed, freshly shaven and perhaps even spritzed with cologne to keep up a semblance of normality, there are some things beyond our control, such as our hair, growing regardless!


Clearly, it's a pressing matter, as the topic of ‘How to cut your own hair?’ is increasingly becoming one of the most frequently asked questions related to male grooming on Google. While some on social media advocate drastic measures such as shaving off your locks, we advise a far more measured approach for now and suggest that you make the best of what you have instead. Which means working out how to finesse longer-than-usual hairstyles. To assist you with this task, Truefitt & Hill’s Master Barber, David Olds, reveals his professional tips. 


Think about styling 

Our Master Barber suggests resorting to tried-and-tested styling methods and adapting these as your hair grows. Olds recommends looking to the glossy styles of the 1920s and 1930s as a reference, when hairstyles were slicked back and gentlemen opted for creams and pomades to maintain their dashing looks.  

Instead of thinking of reaching for a pair of scissors and possibly inflicting damage which could take months to repair, think about styling your hair with products that can sweep hair up and away from your face, he advises. ‘Longer hair can really benefit from a wetter look, which is classic and timeless. So apply a product to damp hair, such as our Brillantine Pomade, designed to create a glossy 1920s look, and then slick the hair back and away’, says Olds. ‘This will help create a debonair, matinee idol look - think Cary Grant. A side parting is advisable here; it will create a clear, defined shape’. Now, what could be better than this? 


Employ a hairdryer

The easiest way to make longer hair more manageable, says Olds, is a blast from a hair dryer. ‘Hot air will work wonders in terms of softening and smoothing the hair, because the heat makes it more pliable. Use your hair dryer with a small round brush, and work in sections, from your crown to the front of your head, holding the dryer in front of you. Keep turning the brush constantly with your wrist to work through the hair and ensure it is dried evenly and thoroughly; the end result will be much tidier’. Freshly blow dried hair can look floppy and lifeless if left without a product, so apply our Circassian Cream to lend shape. ‘You’ll look more polished and sharp, and your hair will feel softer too’, says Olds.


If you absolutely must, consider clippers 

‘I would never recommend cutting your own hair at home. It is an art which requires knowledge and considerable experience and the results of home cut can prove most distressing’. However, if you are truly desperate to trim the hair away from your collar, consider using the clippers, but only on the back and sides, however tempted you may be, do not use these on the top of your head.’, says Olds. ‘This will create a look that’s deliberately ‘disconnected’ but effective; your back and sides won’t be blended into the top part of your hair, but that’s a popular style and can actually look pretty good. I would clipper from temple to temple, in a close shave. Don’t attempt to blend in, because it’s a skill that requires expertise and must be honed’. Olds also points out that, once the hair is long enough, tying the top part in a knot may also be an option for some gentlemen.


In times of crisis such as this, it might seem flippant - superficial even - to focus on the small matter of grooming and personal care. But it is those very elements of daily life that help keep a semblance of continuity, and help arm us for whatever we might have to face feeling pulled together, polished and ready. Whatever happens, we must ensure that we are always ready to put our best face forward to tackle the coming weeks with strengths and fortitude. 

Behind our closed doors, Truefitt & Hill’s expert Master Barbers will serve your needs as much as possible, while so looking forward to the return of normal life, when our 71 St. James’s shop opens its doors again and welcomes back our patrons to the familiar and comforting, once again providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And open it will…


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