Maintaining Your Grooming Routine Whilst Travelling

Maintaining Your Grooming Routine Whilst Travelling

Our top tips to ensure your grooming routine doesn’t fall short whilst you’re away - at 100ml or less

You know that feeling - when you’re fumbling around at airport security desperately squeezing your awkward-sized products into a clear plastic bag and hoping that you can get the remaining 60ml of that 120ml tube through without anyone noticing. Not the most poised and relaxing start to a trip. - We’ve learnt that it’s worth paying a little more attention to what you select from your bathroom cabinet when you go on holiday. If you carry hand luggage, it’s imperative you keep your grooming roster concise, but stocked with quick fixes for when you’re straight off the plane and into a meeting or the hotel bar. Luckily, Truefitt & Hill’s grooming offering is particularly suited to our jet-setting clientele, with plenty of 100ml travel-safe sizes to choose from.


Invest in a travel bag

Since travel is an increasingly familiar part of our lives, it’s paramount to make sure your essentials are kept in the right wash bag. Our edit of expertly made leather cases are designed to age with character as it journeys with you and will easily withstand the wear and tear of frequent travelling all while being malleable enough to fit into tightly packed luggage.

Try a new scent

A trip is the perfect opportunity to try out a new scent. But instead of committing to one in duty-free and realising its not for you halfway through your getaway, why not try samples of our best-selling colognes? They’re the perfect size to slip into your jacket pocket, too. A distinctive smell can trigger strong memories – ‘olfactory memory’ to get scientific. As you prepare to make this your best holiday yet or to nail that all-important presentation, why not pick a fragrance to help remember it by?

Sunscreen is key

Whether you’re going somewhere tropical or not, UV exposure is a year-round threat that must be centered with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. First, some science. The tan that denotes a successful holiday is the result of UVA rays that encourage brown pigment in your skin called melanin - otherwise known as your body’s defence mechanism against burning. UVA’s can speed up the aging process thanks to their ability to destroy collagen and elastin and of course, cause non-melanoma skin cancers. Always pick a sunblock that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays for as long as possible. What’s equally as important to mention is the amount of sunscreen you should use. It turns out that most men use a lot less than the recommended amount, which is 2mg of product per square centimetre of exposed skin. Scrimping on sunscreen simply means you won’t get the kind of protection that’s advertised on the bottle. Sporting a lobster-hued glow is never a particularly strong look, so bear all this in mind when you’re lounging by the pool or spending the day at the beach.

Cleanse morning and evening

As much as we must insist on sun protection, some can unfortunately leave your face feeling clogged and greasy. Fear not as there is something you can use to balance this and leave your skin blemish-free. At 100ml, our ‘Daily Facial Cleanser’ is a lightweight formula that is not only deeply cleansing, but moisturizing to boot. It will also come in handy if you’re exploring the streets of a city where you’re exposed to a whole host of pollutants and environmental aggressors. Given the amount of urban grime that will collect on your skin on city-breaks, it’s equally important to up your cleansing game.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Looking like you mean business, even after a short-haul flight, can be a tricky task. Air travel and skipping across time zones do not help with this matter. Because of the way air is recirculated through the plane, your skin gets horribly dehydrated when you fly. Opt for a richer moisturiser than you might normally use. Or, better still, a serum. Our ‘Intensive Skin Renewal Booster’ works to minimise the appearance of wrinkles for younger-looking skin, while antioxidants aid skin protection from that pesky environmental pollution. Plus it helps give your skin the boost it needs in the morning when acclimatising to different time zones or recovering from a heavy night sampling one too many of the local rums.

Maintain your facial hair

We don’t need to explain how imperative maintaining your facial hair whilst your away is - especially if you’re on business. You will be judged on your appearance as much as your credentials, so an unruly beard is the first thing a potential client will see. And if you’re on holiday, no one wants to look back at photographs of a scrappy moustache. We’ve been keeping royalty and aristocrats clean shaven since 1805, so we know a thing or two about shaving. Perfect for stowing in your luggage, our set of five disposable razors are modelled around our handmade comfort design and even come in a neat velvet pouch. Easy.

Tame the frizz

Soaring temperatures, humidity and sweat can play havoc with your hair. If you have curly or unruly locks, then let our trusty ‘Texture Clay’ be your saviour. We recommend using lightweight, matte products, as they not only allow hair to maintain its natural movement and texture without weighing it down, but the matte effect also helps hair to appear thicker. A multi-purpose product will cut the time and luggage allowance in half. There’s nothing better for a last-minute touch-up as you ditch your case in the hotel and head out for your first drink in a new city, without a (hair) care in the world.

Stay hydrated

While technically not a grooming product, water should be the most important item in your travel arsenal. Drinking enough water is something you should be conscious of starting the morning of your flight and continuing throughout your trip. For long flights, make sure to buy the biggest bottle you can find before boarding and drink throughout your journey. Water will not only keep you and your skin hydrated, it’ll also help you feel more awake and combat jet lag when you land.

It's certainly much easier to locate that holiday bliss if you're well organised and equipped - after all, preparation is a prerequisite for relaxation. Needless to say, sourcing the hardest-working products is a vital element of good preparation and whether you’re going for business or pleasure, will make your trip even more enjoyable.


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