Bath Oil

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Bath Oil

Let your ailments drift away with our traditional Bath Oil. Based on a recipe that dates back almost 200 years, our Bath Oil is crafted with a unique blend of carefully selected aromatic essential oils, which are renowned for their therapeutic properties and promotion of well-being.

This formulation combines lavender oil, renowned for promoting a feeling of relaxation and encouraging a good night's sleep; rosemary oil, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and boost immune system by helping to reduce stress and anxiety stress levels; pine and eucalyptus oil, which support clearing of the nasal and bronchial passages; lemon oil, renowned for the invigorating and refreshing properties.

Our Bath Oil offers a sumptuous indulgence that will soothe, condition, and moisturise your skin, and help you to relax your mind and put your body at ease.

Product size: 100 ml

$ 75

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