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Wellington Shaving Brush Synthetic - Fan Knot

Wellington Shaving Brush Synthetic - Fan Knot

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From the Wellington collection of grooming accessories. Truefitts' synthetic-haired shaving brushes are handmade with the finest quality synthetic hair.

Best paired with our Luxury Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl or Shaving Cream to produce a thick and creamy lather to help soften the hair and protect the skin during shaving.



The knot is 24mm wide with a 50mm loft. The handle is 50mm tall and 35mm wide at the base.


This highly-regarded, vegan-friendly, synthetic knot was developed to be a fine alternative to the traditional badger haired brushes, making synthetic haired brushes a great alternative accompaniment to your daily shaving ritual. Available in Faux Ivory, Faux Horn, Faux Porcelain and Faux Ebony.


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